Review Policy

Thank you for your support and interest in my blog. I do welcome all review copies, however please keep in mind that I  am not obligated to blog everything that’s sent to me and items that are not suitable to my taste. Also, items that are time sensitive  tend to take precedence over others. As much as I would love to blog all of the wonderful items that are sent, my rl time only allows for 2-4 posts a week (making it impossible to get around to everything). If you are interested in sending me items for review, please box or bag them along with a note card with the landmark and any other information that I may need to know about your items. Please do not send folders, they  get lost in my inventory. Items are posted on my blog, facebook, my flickr stream and numerous flickr groups. I am often afk for hours at a time, so I may not respond right away. Please allow a few days for your items to post.

Thank You

Euphoria Boyington Lightstone